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Hi, my name is Lydia Short, your DMV based personal stylist. Ever since I could dress myself I’ve loved fashion. Dress well has always been a way for me to express myself and where I felt my most confident. But, it was not until 2016 that I really started taking things seriously, realizing I could see myself doing this professionally not only for my benefit but, for the benefit of other people. In January of 2016, I volunteered for “The Great Bridal Expo” (in Baltimore) where I had the opportunity to dress models in multiple bridal gowns to take the runway. It was a fast pace environment but, I really enjoyed it and from then on I’ve interned backstage for several fashion shows including Baltimore and New York Fashionweek. I was even given an opportunity to help with Angela Simmons 2016 launch of Vipe-activewear and 2018 launch of Bonnie Bouche. These experiences intensified my eye for style, helped me pick up the latest trends, and introduced me to styling and the fashion   industry in a major way.

My involvement with the shows broadened my experience and opened my eyes to see that I could take my creativity to the next  level.

On November 18, 2017, I was able to do my first styling session with recording artist Aaron Harris and Genesis for their first live recording and from then on I have been styling a variety of different clients regardless of budget and size.

Personal styling and everything it has to offer has been a huge passion of mine and it has so much to offer in the field. So, when you have a passion for something what is the best thing to do? Of course your answer should be …become an expert in it and get certified. On March 12, 2018 after a five week intensive course at School of Style taught by the one and only Lauren Messiah I earned my certification of completion and became a personal stylist.

I specialize in helping men and women find their strength and dignity through looking better. By helping individuals find their style this has a huge impact in finding their self-worth. Being worth-it and feeling good is the goal.

 So, come take that leap and invest in yourself today for a better tomorrow, and what better way to take that leap than to be Styledbylydiacassia.

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